Skin care is essential and too often we don’t realize it.
The fact is that to understand the real difference between a common product and a specific high quality one, it is necessary to test its potential 🌼

🤔 How many times do we find ourselves at the supermarket buying the first products we can reach? Now and then it seems like a small action, but in reality we are not doing our body a great favor.

For some time we have heard about solid soaps and their very high quality but Ary and I were quite hesitant about their use, I don’t know why we found them impractical compared to canonical soaps.

Then we discovered #drtree products 💖 and it would be foolish not to recognize the sophistication of this product.

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Already from the packaging it is possible to deduce its complete naturalness, in fact, in addition to being ecological, Dr. Tree products are vegan and attentive to the planet 🌍

They are suitable for all ages and particularly suitable for those with sensitive skin 🌱

After using the shower gel, the sensation of freshness and smooth skin is extremely enveloping. Also, we want to reassure you, it is not the classic bar of soap that slips like a fish 🐠

🍋 The lemon fragrance is springy, pleasant and stays on the body for a long time!

As if that wasn’t enough, you can find it on Amazon too and although it can be considered a fragile product, it arrived perfectly intact 🥰 We don’t need to add anything else except: you should try it!


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