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We are all used to living the life that was prepackaged for us at birth. But we have given up on all of this.

our experience

For many years we have workeen we say “many years” we mean 10 years. A job that has taken away a lot of time, energy and vitality. Our work was usually taken for granted but to keep everyone (else) happy, we have long tried to tolerate the chains of routine. A life that is sometimes magnificent and sometimes infernal.But when the desire to escape runs through your veins, it means that destiny is already sealed. Many times have we thought about organizing trips and than found ourselves having to postpone everything to an undefined day. And all this for what reason? Work, that work that we have never liked.

Having found this answer we realized it was all absurd. Why did we let something we hated so much prevent us from doing what we love most in the world? Yes sure, we all need a job. But how much would our quality of life increase if we no longer were pressured to keep that ONE job we already have? It would be exciting to be able to use all of our energy to create THE perfect job for us. That job we actually want.

we promise to try to make our dreams come true

If you are here, maybe you have a story similar to ours to tell.

Maybe you are intrigued or you share the same dream as ours… To live in the best possible way: traveling.

Well, before you think this is not possible, do a little nonsense. Take a piece of paper and write “freedom“, then put it in a visible place. It will help you to remember every day that whatever happens, you have a drem that has yet to be realized!

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Riproduci video

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